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In your early twenties skin cancer isn’t something that is often given a great deal of concern but it was clear to me that prevention is always better than cure. Just like my car gets its mandatory NCT check, my body is also given an annual review. Part of that involves a visit to The Molescan Clinic to take care of my most important defense system, my skin. I always thought, like most of us, I had a lot of freckles but it turned out I had a lot of moles, I just never knew what exactly a mole was. Simply a flat, dark mark strictly similar to a freckle! My scan, processed by a female screening nurse was quick but very thorough, with three stages altogether. I definitely did not expect to have any problems or referrals but one lesion on my foot was cause for concern. It was removed within a couple of days of my assessment by a private consultant and thankfully the biopsy came back clear. I now have a yearly review to keep an eye on any changes in my skin, staying ahead of any potential problems. Having seen first hand the importance of getting these checkups, I couldn’t recommend The Molescan Clinic or the service they provide more.

Daniella Moyles

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Skin cancer is a significant and increasing problem. Ireland has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world. The rates of […]