Irelands only dedicated Mole Mapping & Screening Clinic

Why choose us?

Diagnostic Accuracy:

At the Molescan Clinic we take the early detection of skin cancer very seriously. By combining innovative technology (Fotofinder™),  a specially trained screening nurse and the skills of an expert dermatologist, we are doing everything possible to accurately detect skin cancer at the earliest possible stage. The earlier we can detect melanoma the greater your chances of a full recovery. Thorough Procedures The average initial consultation with us lasts for 1 hour. This enables us to take digital images of all your lesions which are then assessed by our specialists. By the time you leave us we want you to feel reassured and confident that we have captured all relevant information for our expert dermatologists to make an accurate assessment. Instant Access to Expert Opinion Ireland has reasonably long waiting lists to see a specialist consultant. Booking an appointment at The Molescan Clinic provides almost instant access to a dermatologist opinion. Our e-Derm™ technology enables us to give you a fast, accurate diagnosis. This means that if action does need to be taken you have more control of your situation, and we can help and advise you on the most appropriate next steps. A Programme for Life Our service is not just a single-point-in-time assessment of your skin, but a lifelong partnership that helps you avoid the tragic effects of skin cancer. Our comprehensive mole mapping service results in all moles imaged during your initial consultation being encrypted and stored away in a central server. Youi are also provided with a copy of your file for your own perusal, which will assist you in monitoring your moles between appointments.  The imaging session acts as a baseline or reference point for future appointments, so we can track and monitor any changes that occur in your moles/lesions – the most common sign of a potential problem. This provides you with confidence that you are in control of your melanoma risk at all times.



Here at the Molescan clinic, we are passionate about what we do and will pass on detailed information and useful tips about skin cancer and how to minimize your chances of getting skin cancer in the future. Prevention is better than cure, and we want to arm our patients with as much information as possible to ensure they enjoy a long, healthy and happy life, free of melanoma.



*Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland.

* Up to 90% of cases are curable if detected on time

*In 2009 there were 7424 skin cancers and 721 melanoma cases

*Main cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet light (UV) radiation from sunlight.

*Two types of UV light: UVA and UVB-They are both harmful.

*Nine out of every ten cases of skin cancer are caused by UV rays from the sun or sunbeds

*Skin cancer can take 20 to 30 years to develop.

*People most at risk of developing skin cancer:

  • have fair, light-coloured skin that freckles or burns easily
  • had severe sunburn or blistering as a child
  • have been exposed to sunlight all your life
  • use tanning beds or sunbeds
  • have a history of severe skin damage, e.g. burnt skin
  • have a personal history of skin cancer or in their family
  • have a history of moles
  • have had radiotherapy in the past
  • have a weak immune system from taking certain medications that suppress your system (Patients post organ transplant)
  • have a rare inherited condition like albinism or xeroderma pigmentosa

* Melanoma of the eye is the most common type of eye cancer.

* Some types of eye tumours are slightly more common in men ie: melanoma and squamous cell cancers.