Irelands only dedicated Mole Mapping & Screening Clinic

The Process



The patient is greeted by the screening nurse and is asked to fill out a patient detail form and a consent form. The nurse will then carry out a Melanoma Risk Assessment by asking the patient some simple questions. Depending on the service you choose, you are ask to expose the area. (For a Full body mapping you are required to undress down to your underwear)

The first part of your consultation involves overview images of your skin. The nurse then completes a full head to toe visual assessment, educating the patient re normal lesions and marking those which warrant a closer examination. Those lesions are then marked up on the system. The nurse then uses the dermascope to image the marked lesions. Any suspicious lesions are then reviewed by our consultant. Should he deem a lesion to be of concern we will urgently refer you onto The Mater private hospital or Eccles Clinic. All removals are completely covered by private health insurance. The screening itself is not covered by private health insurance. If a patient wishes to pay privately to have a mole removed, this can be arranged (Nurse will discuss this with patient during consultation).

e-Derm™. When dermoscopic images are captured, the lesion is magnified in high definition using a number of different lighting conditions. This provides an extremely detailed view of the lesion, ensuring our medical team has the necessary data and views to carry out an accurate diagnosis.

Any lesions that our medical team considers dangerous will be immediately referred to a local consultant/surgeon for excision. The Molescan clinic and e-Derm™ technology enables our patients to get an expert assessment in a convenient location without the hassle of long waiting lists.