Irelands only dedicated Mole Mapping & Screening Clinic



Single Mole Screening

A handheld dermatoscope is used to examine a mole or lesion that a patient is uncertain or concerned about. 20 mins

Full Body Mole Mapping  (incorporating e-Derm™)

Mole Mapping is the procedure of using specialised dermoscopy equipment to record the positions and appearances of moles on the body of a patient so that regular checks will detect any changes that might lead to skin cancer.

Images are taken of moles/lesions and the locations clearly marked on our system. Lesion images are stored by us for a

comparative analysis when the patient returns for subsequent appointments. This creates a mole history for each patient which makes it easy to recognise any changes in the moles as time passes. The captured lesion images are reviewed by one of our dermatologists for diagnosis. 60 mins 

Upper/Lower body screening (incorporating e-Derm™)  

This service is designed for patients that only have moles on their upper body. Our team will conduct a half body Mole Mapping to the naval line. Male patients tend to have the majority of their lesions on their upper body. This takes approx 40 mins

Lower body screening (incorporating e-Derm™)

A lower body screening involves a complete Mole Mapping of a patient’s lower body (from the naval line down). Female patients tend to have more lesions on their legs than male patients. Approx 40 mins 

Corporate Screen  

We provide reduced rates for screening of employees on their premises. Please contact us for more information.

Family Screen

Please contact the clinic to avail of a family package.

Service Price 

Single Mole Screening €60

Full Body Mole Mapping incorporating e-Derm™ €180

Upper body screening incorporating e-Derm™ €120

Lower body screening incorporating e-Derm™ €120

Corporate Screen (Contact clinic to discuss pricing)

Family rates (Contact clinic to discuss package rates)

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